2021-03-22 – Cataract Falls – GSMNP

Dateline: March 22, 2021

My "Photoholic" buddy and I decided to visit the GSMNP looking for some interesting water movement hoping to get a few good shots in before the tourist arrived on site.

We headed out early and arrived at the GSMNP Visitor Center a little after 8:30 am.  We quickly gathered our gear and headed out to the Cataract Falls which is just a short walk from the Visitor Center.  When we arrived at the Falls, there was one couple with a couple of kids with them, and by the time we got our tripods and cameras ready the family had left and we had unobstructed views of the waterfall.

We started working the site and managed to photograph from all of the different angles before the multitude of tourists descended upon the falls.

The downside of Cataract Falls is that it is in a tight space and is not hard to walk to.  The upside of the falls is you can work it from a few good angles unless there are people in your way.

When the crowds started getting larger, we decided to pack up our gear and head back to the car.  And, as we walked back on the trail we met many more tourists heading to the falls, so we departed at the right time.

After leaving the Visitor Center, we headed over to Tremont to check out the rapids on the stream there and were disappointed that the sun was harshly shining on the water and was blowing out all of the highlights.

So then we decided to head over to the North Carolina side of the park and see if conditions were any better.  Unfortunately, they were the same as on the Tennessee side and we decided to just call it a day and head home hoping for conditions better next time.

Be sure to check out the four images that were keepers below.

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