2021-03-09 – Gibbs Gardens

Dateline: March 9, 2021

The spring daffodil festival kicked off at Gibbs Garden near Ball Ground, Georgia on Friday, March 5th, but we decided to wait until the following Tuesday to check it out.

My wife Debra had never been to Gibbs Garden, so she was looking forward to going.  This would be her first adventure outside our home other than going to Walmart to pick up groceries.  And, even then she didn't get out of the car because she utilized the curbside service.  It has been rough on her to be couped up at home for a year.

First, though, the order of the day was to get some breakfast so we visited Cracker Barrel.  Again, she almost came to tears because it was her first time going into a restaurant for a sit-down meal for the first time in a year.

After finishing our breakfast we headed out to Ball Ground, GA, and the daffodil festival.  It was a little over a two-hour drive, so we got there about 10:30 - 11:00 am.  We had no trouble getting a parking place since there wasn't a big crowd there upon our arrival.  Of course, that was destined to be changed within a couple more hours.

While Debra was checking out the flowers, I went and took a few shots of the daffodils and other early spring flowers.  Be sure and check those out in the album below.

One thing we noticed about the crowd on a Tuesday is that it consisted mostly of senior citizens in our age groups.  So, that being the case, everyone was practicing social distancing.

Gibbs Garden is a great place to visit and check out all of their flower gardens and all of the grounds.  Here's a link to the Gibbs Garden website:  Gibbs Gardens  

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