2021-03-12 – Falls Branch Falls

Dateline: March 12, 2021

Jim Pierson, Nick Stangarone, and I took a road trip to Falls Branch Falls located south of Cherry Log, Georgia to check it out.  Fall Branch Falls is a 30 ft. high waterfall that on this day had a good flow of water coming over the edge.

Getting to the falls wasn't really too bad unless you're a 70+ year old like me.  The trail to the falls from the parking lot was approximately 9/10ths of a mile out & back, with an elevation gain of 193 feet.  There were several ups & downs on the trail so it wasn't all going uphill.

Since this was our first visit to Fall Branch Falls, we didn't know what to expect but were pleasantly surprised that it was worth hiking to the falls and back.

So, take a look at my images below and see what you think.


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