2021-01-29 – Conasauga Falls

On Friday, January 29, 2021, Jim Pierson, Nick Stagarone, and I paid a visit to a Falls we'd never been to.  The fall's name is Conasauga Falls and it's located near Tellico Plains, TN.

Going up to the falls we were following my Garmin GPS and it led us off down a country road and we couldn't get a strong enough GPS to signal to navigate with.  We wound on a road that we had to make to a creek crossing that the water was 6 to 10 inches deep.  Then we got to another water crossing that was about 30 ft. wide and the water was deeper and moving more swiftly.  We stopped the car and got out and assessed the situation and made the decision to turn around and go find a different route to the waterfall.

We finally made it back to Hwy 68 and then went through Tellico Plains and manage to arrive at the parking lot for the falls.

We arranged our camera and other gear where we could carry it to the falls and headed down the trail.  It took us about 30 minutes or longer to get to the river level.  It was a fairly steep decline with lots of rocks and tree roots along the trail. And, it was a steep dropoff on the side of the trail in many places.

We did manage to make it to the waterfalls and quite frankly we were disappointed in the looks of the falls.  There were really only two vantage points that the falls could be photographed from without wading water and stepping on slick rocks.

We all three took a few shots from different angles and decided it was time to head back up the trail.

Going back up that big hill was an altogether different story.  All three of us got winded pretty quick and had to stop several times to rest.  We were all glad when the parking lot came within our view.

I'm glad I went, but we all decided it was a one and done event.

I only got two images that were worth processing and keeping, so check those out in the gallery below.

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