2020-10-14 – Sunrise on Foothills Parkway

Dateline: October 14, 2010

When the three "Phototeers" arrived at the pull-off on Foothills Parkway overlooking Wears Valley, we had hoped to have had a great sunrise.  However, Mother Nature didn't cooperate and there was nothing but blue skies.

However, as a consolation prize, Mother Nature did provide a fog layer over the valley.

We photographed the fog layers as the sun rose and started burning the fog off.  It did provide a few good shots that were worth keeping.

After the fog dissipated, we folded up our tripods and decided to go to the Tremont area and check out how the Middle Prong of the Little River was flowing.

When we arrived in the Tremont area, the first thing we noticed that the parking lots outside of the Tremont Insitute were packed with cars.  We surmised they were all out hiking since the Insitute was closed.  After seeing all of the cars, we decided to go on up the road to find places that wouldn't be swarmed with people.  We made several stops along the way and got down to the water's edges to capture a few images.

Both albums are below.  ↓

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