2020-08-25 – Barn Hunting in Sweetwater Valley

Dateline: August 25, 2020

The three “Phototeers” got cabin fever and were suffering from COVID-19 fatigue so we decided to get out and go barn hunting.  We met up at the Food City parking lot and then headed up north on Highway 64 toward Cleveland and Athens, TN.

We took our time and even patrolled many of the side roads looking for old barns that did not have shiny new tin on them and were visible from the roadway.  We did manage to find a few decent barns along the way.

When I lived down in Florence, AL, my friend, and a fellow photographer used to go barn hunting all the time and never had trouble locating great old barns.  Our motto was “If a road has paint (white/yellow lines) on it, the odds of finding an old barn is small.” That is true even here in East Tennessee.

We cruised several of the back roads and saw some interesting barns that we would have loved to shoot, but there were just too many trees or brush that ruined the shot.

We tired of barn hunting and then stumbled upon an old church off on a side road.  It was the Browder Memorial Methodist Church that was founded in 1865.

Here is the info I found  on the internet:

"In 1865, Rachel Dickey and David A. Browder “homesteaded” the original part of the farm in Sweetwater, Tennessee. David’s father, William, primarily funded the building of The Browder Memorial Methodist Church there. The bricks were handmade from the ground and baked on the property. Homestead Farm, ultimately a total of 2400 debt-free acres, became one of the finest dairy farms in Tennessee. The herd of 1100 registered Jerseys was second to none."

After we left the church, we decided to go check out Bald River Falls and as usual, we weren't disappointed with the shots we got there.  The crowd was small when we got there and we shot for about 15 minutes before several carloads of people started coming in.

When we saw that, we decided to leave and head home.  It had been a good day of shooting and we enjoyed it.


Check out the few “Keepers” that I shot below ↓

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