2020-08-13 – Sweetwater Valley #1

Dateline: August 13, 2020

We decided to go barn hunting along US-11 highway that runs up through the Sweetwater Valley.  We thought we could find a few good scenic barns to photograph and we did.  There were a few that we stopped at that we could shoot easily from the road or the right of way.  At no time did we trespass on private property and shot only what was visible from the highway.  I state this because one time in the past, I had a farmer get real upset because I was photographing his barn.  He felt that it was against the law to take pictures of private property without permission from the owner, however, nothing could be further from the truth.  After a brief discussion, the farmer stomped off and said he was calling the Sheriff’s Department for them to come arrest my friend and I.  However, we never saw any law enforcement show up and we finished shooting and moved on. 

After we got tired of chasing barns, we decided to head to the Tremont area and check out the Middle Prong of the Little River which is one of our favorite “Go-To” spots to shoot water and rocks.

We worked the Middle Prong for quite a while and then decided to head on back home.  On the way back we did stop and shoot a couple of scenic valley shots.

Check out the image gallery below.

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