2020-08-05 – Hwy 58 Ramble

Dateline: August 5, 2020

The three “Phototeers” headed up US-27 to go across Watts Bar Dam on US-68 to get to US-58.  When we started across Watts Bar Dam we noticed that the Nuclear Plant was lit up and that the cooling towers were emitting a lot of steam.

So, we decided to drive down the overlook on the east side of the river and take some shots of the cooling towers.  It was a fantastic view and I believe the shots came out well.

After we finished shooting the cooling towers, we headed on over to US-58 and then went north on it.  We found several good barns to shoot including a Rock City barn.

After shooting the Rock City Barn, we headed back south to Decatur to get some lunch.  We found one place that was open so we masked up and went inside.  They were doing only take out but did have outside seating.  We waited until they called our names and we picked up our lunch and went outside and found a table under a big pavilion.  We socially distanced ourselves from anyone else.

Before we decided to eat lunch in Decatur, we had wandered around the downtown area and we found a few so-so OK shots.  Nothing spectacular, but still worth a few minutes of time to capture the image.

Check out my images of the trip ↓

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