2020-07-23 – Visit to Stillhouse Falls

Dateline: July 23, 2020

On a hot and humid Thursday, the three “Phototeers” were joined by Bruce, another member of the Photography Society of Chattanooga for an outing to Stillhouse Hollow Falls close to Summertown, TN.

Stillhouse Hollow Falls State Natural Area is a natural area in Maury County, Tennessee.  The main feature of the area is Stillhouse Hollow Falls, a 75-foot waterfall, which is located approximately two-thirds of a mile from the entrance. It was designated as a natural area on June 3, 2006. (source: Wikipedia)

We all met at the Cracker Barrell off I-24 at the Racoon Mt. exit.  We went in two cars since one of our vehicles will not carry 4 passengers and all our gear comfortable.  I rode with the Bruce and we headed out to West Tennessee.

It was quite a long drive to get there and we got the last available parking spot in the small lot.

We all started gearing up and get ready to hike to the falls which were two-thirds of a mile away.  I went to load two bottles of water into my bag and discovered I had not taken my cooler out of my car and brought it with me.  This error would cost me dearly.

We hiked to the waterfall which going to it was not awfully bad since it was downhill most of the way.  I knew coming back that it was going to be rough climbing out of the big gulley.

I shot several shots of the waterfall, which was a nice fall, however, there were several people there with their kids, and getting a shot with no one in the frame was difficult, to say the least.

I got what shots I could and then Bruce and I headed back out.

I did well the first 100 or so yards going up the trail and then the dehydration starting kicking in.  I then started on going about 50 to 100 feet up the trail and then taking a few minutes break to recover.

It was a grueling hike, to say the least, but I kept with it and made it back to Bruce’s car.  I then told Bob to stop at the first convince store we came to so I could get a bottle of cold water.

We stopped and I purchased a full liter size bottle of cold water and could not get it down fast enough.  We had been on the road home for about 45 minutes when I had him stop again and purchased another liter of water and consumed that within the next 30 minutes or so.  That got me to feeling a whole lot better.

That was a lesson learned the hard way.

Check out my images of the Stillhouse Falls below ↓

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