2020-06-25 – Northrup Falls & Waterloo Falls

Dateline: June 25, 2020

The three "Phototeers" once again loaded up and went out for an adventure shooting a couple of waterfalls.

After reading about both Northrup Falls which is in Colditz Cove and Waterloo Falls located about 15 miles out of Cookeville, TN., we knew we had to pay them a visit.

We began our day shooting at Northrup Falls which is in Colditz Cover, a 165-acre natural area located approximately two miles east of Allardt in Fentress County.  Its most impressive feature is the Northrup Falls.  This is one of Tennessee’s most stunning waterfalls plunging more than sixty feet over a protruding rock ledge into a scenic, narrow gorge along Big Branch Creek.  The waterfall is named for the family who settled here and operated a mill above the falls in the 1800s.  These high cliffs and “rock houses” (shallow open cave-like structures) at the falls and along the creek gorge were once used by cliff dwelling Woodland Indians over 3,000 years ago.  They have primarily used these shelters during hunting season.

The trail to the falls is 1.3 miles loop that rated as moderate.  The elevation gain going to the falls is 111 ft.  However, the hike is worth the effort if you have never been to Northrup Falls.

After we hiked back to our vehicle, we then headed on over to Waterloo Falls and none of us had ever been to it.

I had read that there were going to start charging admission to the falls so to speak. In fact, the very next day after our visit, they started charging the admission fee.  The people that own the land where there is access is now charging $6.00 per day for parking and access to the falls.

There is now an event center that is available for weddings, reunions, and such.

We found a place to park and it was only about 25 yards to the metal steps that allow access to the falls.  Once you are down at the river level you do have to crawl down a drop-off to access the river itself.  There is a long rock shelf that you can walk along to get a bit closer to the falls.

There were several people there swimming and swinging off a rope into the water.  However, we did not try either of those two activities.  LOL

All in all, it was a good day of photographing waterfalls and we were glad we visited both locations.

Check out the gallery below for the images I shot ↓

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