2020-06-08 – Fall Creek Falls Road Trip

Dateline: June 8, 2020

We rolled out early on a warm June Monday morning and headed out to a new (to me) destination to shoot a couple of waterfalls.

I had read about a waterfall called Lost Falls and Jim P. said he had been there but there was not much water flowing on his visit.  We decided to go ahead and stop to check it out.

The hike to the falls on a 1 -10 scale is a minus 9, it just that easy.  We were the only ones there that morning for the longest time.  There had been a Park Ranger in the parking lot when we arrived, but he met up with a Sheriff's Deputy and they were shooting the breeze and then left.

We went on down to the creek and was amazed at the volume of water that was coming over the falls.  It was not a major water flow, but in June it was enough to get the cameras out and expend some pixels.

After shooting Lost Falls, we headed on to Fall Creek Falls to take a look and see if conditions were conducive for taking a few shots there.

We went to Lost Falls first and took several shots there and then headed to the Fall Creek Falls overlook where we took a shot of the only view available.  You can hike down to the base of the falls, but it is not for the faint of heart or old men like us who are out of shape.

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