2020-06-16 – Trip to Rugby and Honey Creek

Dateline: June 16, 2020

The three “Phototeers” got an early start and headed up toward Rugby, TN for a day of shooting in that neck of the woods.

We traveled up US-127 toward Crossville and remembered the Rock City barn that is on US-127.  We stopped and took a few shot of it which came out very well since the sun was not as harsh on the barn.

In case you are not familiar with Rugby, TN here is a brief history of this unique town…

(source: Wikipedia)

“Rugby is an unincorporated community in Morgan and Scott counties in the U.S. state of Tennessee. Founded in 1880 by English author Thomas Hughes, Rugby was built as an experimental utopian colony. While Hughes's experiment largely failed, a small community lingered at Rugby throughout the 20th century. In the 1960s, residents, friends and descendants of Rugby began restoring the original design and layout of the community, preserving surviving structures and reconstructing others. Rugby's Victorian architecture and picturesque setting have since made it a popular tourist attraction. In 1972, Rugby's historic area was listed under the name Rugby Colony on the National Register of Historic Places as a historic district.”

When we arrived in Rugby, we road around a bit looking to see what all was there to photograph.  Many of the houses have been restored and looked remarkably interesting, however we had to be selective because of the bright sunny skies.  We did manage to capture a few good shots.

After leaving Rugby, we decided to go to the Honey Creek Pocket Wilderness Area.  We stopped at one of the bridges and went down to the river and took a couple of shots and then rode on up to the Honey Creek Overlook.

It was not bad shooting from the viewing platform, but the choices of composition were totally limited.

Check out my images in the gallery below ↓

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