2020-06-02 – Sunset at Harrison Bay #2

Dateline: June 2, 2020

I had been watching the clouds all afternoon hoping for a beautiful sunset.  And, sure enough, it was developing to be a really nice one.

So, my wife and decided to go check it out and see if I could get some decent shots.

We went to a pull-off on US-58 that I had taken several sunset images of a few days before.  The place I had selected had a clear area to see the water and the sunset.  As soon as we got parked I broke out my camera gear and got my tripod setup.

I picked a place that would allow me to be directly across the bay from the sun and then positioned my tripod.

Once the camera was mounted to the tripod, I got my Lee Filters out and affixed them to the lens so I'd be ready to shoot.

After a wait of about 20-30 minutes, things started to look really well and I started taking some test shots to get the filters lined upright and to get my focus set.

Then the fun began, I took many images of the sun setting and while not all of those were keepers, I still got six images I was quite happy with.

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