2020-05-28 – Sunset at Harrison Bay #1

Dateline:  May 28, 2020

The three "Phototeers" decided to meet up and do a sunset shoot on the US-58 highway north of Chattanooga on Harrison Bay which is part of the Tennessee River.

We first toured through Harrison Bay State Park looking for a good location to shoot the sunset from.  We stopped at a couple of places and got out to check the line of sight and look for distractions.  After, we made the complete tour of the park we decided to go check out the pull-offs on US-58 to see what kind of view these had.

We finally found the best spot and pulled in and parked.  All three of us got our camera gear out and got set up .

I installed my Lee filter system on my camera and decided to shook with a 6 stop ND filter.  I started taking a few test shots to get the range and distance so to speak.

Once the sun did start to set there was a whole lot of shutter clicking going on.  I took a good number of shots and I wound up with eight images that I liked.

So, check out the gallery below ↓ and leave a comment if you like the images.


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