2020-03-26 – Goforth Creek and Sugarloaf Mountain

Dateline: March 26, 2020

On a crisp Spring morning we met up to head over toward the Goforth Creek near the Ocoee River.

We arrived on the site and took several images from various angles that we could access.  Goforth creek has large boulders that you can step out onto, but if you pick a wet one, then odds are you and your gear are going to get wet.  They are just that slick when wet.

However, we all managed to get some good images with getting wet so it was a successful shoot.

After the Goforth Creek shoot, we went up on Sugarloaf Mountain and shot a few images from the Overlook and Observation sites.  There was nothing spectacular going on in the sky that morning, so they were pretty much just run of the mill images.

After we left Sugarloaf Mountain, we headed over to Reliance, TN to see if there was anything interesting there.  We did find the old abandoned hotel and stop and took a few shots of it.

Check out the images I shot on this Road Trip Below

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