2020-03-15 – First Visit to Gibbs Gardens

Dateline: March 14, 2020

The photography club I am a member of, the Chattanooga Photographic Society, had an outing to Gibbs Gardens which was selected as the second-best botanical gardens in the United States.  The Gardens received the 2020 Award of Excellence, the nation's highest award presented by the Garden Clubs of America.  Gibbs also received the 2020 Merit award that was presented by Garden Clubs of Georgia.

For more info on Gibbs Gardens, check out their website: GibbsGardens.com

Since there were several of us, we split up and went our separate ways to explore the gardens.  I had never been there before and I wanted to see what all was there and took a quick walking tour to get the lay of the land so to speak.

After doing the walkabout, I started looking around and shooting about everything that interested me, which was a lot.  There were hundreds of potential targets to shoot and it was hard making the choices of what to shoot.  However, I did manage to take quite a few images during the day.

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Check out the gallery of my images from Gibbs Garden's first visit.

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