2020-03-05 – Road Trip to Wartburg & Obed

Dateline: March 5, 2020

On an early spring morning, we headed out to Wartburg, TN to photograph some of the old buildings in the downtown area.

“Constructed in 1904, Morgan County’s iconic courthouse and square anchor the community’s central business district.  The tower houses a 900-pound bell and four-sided clock with four-foot hands.  The only other clock of its kind resides in the Smithsonian Institute.” (credit: Plaque on the building)

We photographed the courthouse from all sides, and it was an interesting building.  Unfortunately for photographers, it has been added onto one side.

After we left Wartburg, we went on to the Obed National Forrest Area to check it out.  One of our stops was up on the mountain at the overlook.  You could see the river as it curved through the gorge.

Another interesting thing was the old highway bridge that had been left beside the newer bridge and was for pedestrian traffic.  I thought that was a brilliant idea to preserve the bridge for the public’s enjoyment.  Kudo’s to the person who approved it.

On the way back, we stopped in a small community by the name of Lancing.  It is situated on the old Nashville Highway, US-62.  Time has passed this small community by and there are not many homes left, but there is still a couple of churches.  The Lancing Presbyterian Church was established in 1887.

If you are interested, here is a great account of life during the early years of the area by people who lived there.  Link: History of the Obed River Region

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