2020-02-17 – Amicalola Falls

Dateline: February 17, 2020

Our destination on this brisk February day was Amicalola Falls near Dawsonville, GA.  We had been to Amicalola Falls once before back in 2019, and that visit resulted in a (now) funny story.

In 2019 when we went to Amicalola Falls for the first time we had no idea how to get to the falls.  So, we stopped at the visitor center/gift shop and asked the lady for directions.

She pulled out one of the give-away maps and with a marker traced the road we needed to take.  We thanked her and left.

We followed the instructions to go up the mountain to the parking lot and take the trail to the fall.  We got our backpacks full of gear out and then looked around for the trail.  We spotted a trail going down the mountain, so we set off hiking down to the bottom.  Now, we are not newbies to hiking down a steep incline to get to a waterfall, but this one was steep and rugged.

We go to the bottom and BAM, staring us in the face was an asphalt parking lot and we all said “What the XXXXXX?”  We could not believe our eyes.  We could have driven up and parked and would not have had to hike down the mountain or back up to our car.

However, we did take a bunch of images that day and when got back to the car we were beaten.  All three of us were exhausted.

Now here is the kicker, on the second trip we parked in the same parking lot, but at the other end and we spotted it.  There was an asphalt trail that led to the bridge across the waterfall and to the step going up or down.

Needless to say, we took backwater on everything we had said about the lady and her direction giving abilities.

Anyway, we had a good day shooting the waterfalls again and was relieved we didn’t have to make that stressful hike down and back up that mountain.

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