Be Still and Know

When asked "Which of your photos is your favorite?"  

I answer "The one I'm going to take tomorrow!"

My Favorite Subjects

There are many types of photography and to each their own.


Waterfalls, streams, rivers, or basically anything that gets wet is one of my favorite subjects to shoot.  You can go to the same place a hundred times and there will be new things that you'll find to shoot.  I never get tired of vising Mother Nature's many wonders.  With waterfalls, I try to remember Joe McNally's rule "Don't pack up your camera until you've left the location"  

Rock City Barns

This is my second most loved things to discover and document where they are located and the condition they are currently in.  I also love to find other barns with advertisement on those also.  These grand old barns will soon be in the past.   As Dorothea Lange said "Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."


I love to take images of broad vistas and then refine the view to a unique closeup of Mother Nature's beauty.  I strive to work the view and discover the hidden views that one can only find by looking close and seeing small parts of the big picture.  As Ansel Adams stated " A good photograph is knowing where to stand!"

Looking for a Photography Club?

I'm a member of the Photographic Society of Chattanooga, and if you are a photographer living in the Chattanooga vicinity then you are invited to check us out and become a member.  

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My Favorite Photography Instructors

  • Jim Nix
  • Scott Davenport
  • Anthony Morganti
  • Terry White
  • David Johnson
  • Brendan van Son
  • Nigel Danson
  • Scot Kelby
  • Aaron Nace - PHLEARN

NATURE - Cheaper Than Therapy!

My Philosophy

There is nothing like wakening early to go out with good friends and spend the day capturing the beauty of our surroundings.  Every mountain top is within our reach if you just keep climbing.  

My Story

Having started out in the 1960's taking pictures while I was in the Navy using a Polaroid Instant Camera and then progressing on to various other formats.

My first digital camera was a Sony Digital Mavica MVC-FD5, which was the first of the Mavica series.  The images were recorded on a 3.5 floppy disc and had 1.4 megapixels.  

After I retired from TVA, I moved on to other endeavors and generally just used point and shoot cameras, both digital and film.  Then, in 2010 I purchased a used Canon 50d with a whopping 15 megapixels. 

The 50d got me hooked on digital cameras and I soon up graded to a Canon 5DMKII.  I used this combination for a couple of years then sold the 50d and upgraded to a 70d right before the 80d's came onto the market.  I still have the 70d but hardly ever use it now.

I sold the 5DMKII and upgraded to 6DMKII which is my current go to camera.  In my opinion the 6DMKII is an awesome camera for a non-professional photographer.  


Know of a Great Place to Photograph?

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